Good morning

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Horses and their wormings

My horse Cooper is such a baby. So I gave him his breakfast,  and then after he got a wormer. Now he does not like to take a worming paste. Such is life!! So I was telling him to trust me and that I wouldn’t give him anything bad for him. I messed with him a few minutes. Then gave him a break although I’m sure he thought he had won. 😆

Anyways I went to Zeus and gave it to him. I went and got another tube of wormer. Came back to Cooper and rubbed his face a couple of times. I was able to put it in his mouth and hurried up and pushed it in. The funny thing about it is after I did that, he hung his head for a minute. 😆

Of course my mare Taffy, she took it no problem. She’s a pro.

As I am writing this, I realise I need to add pictures next time so there is a face to match the names. I am still learning as I go. Ugh, 😕

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My camping trip

So while my weekend started off slow. It was overall a pretty good weekend. I set my camper up for the first time by myself and took it down, went to a horse show and watched for a little bit, and then came back and enjoyed some friendship around the campfire. Of course, this was my favorite part of the weekend because I absolutely love campfires!!!

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Karaoke night on my camping weekend

So I came out to my saddle club Friday afternoon to camp over this Labor Day weekend. Tonight is karaoke night.

So far this weekend has been a good one. Happy Labor Day everyone

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A night away

I was able to get away for the night, and this was my view this morning. So pretty!!

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Well…I finally got one

As you see in the picture, I got a pop up camper. So no more wait or excuses to go camping!!! You can also see that there is some work being done on the stalls so I can bring the horses down to the lot. I can’t wait to camp!!

So yesterday after I took the camper down, I was on my way back home. I looked at my friend that came with me and said, “Is it odd that I feel like I am leaving my baby?” Of course, I had to laugh at myself because I felt silly for being so attached already to a material thing. 😆

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I have been looking for a pop up camper. Boy, I did not think that it would be that hard to find one.  I really want to go camping this year even though it is 90 here in Indiana.  Ugh, I do not look forward to the long summer months of this heat, but it is what it is.  I have a site at a saddle club that I belong to which means that I can camp any time that I want without the extra cost of the campgrounds.  And I can have my horses there. I love that.

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The future direction of this blog

So I figure that I would come and fill everyone in on my last few posts. As you know from reading them, I am now 50 years old. Wow!!! That is crazy in itself. It seems like I was just in my early 20’s.

So that being said, I have been trying to lose weight. I even got a treadmill, but it it needs some work done to it. I bought it for $50 knowing the belt was either loose/skips. So my husband tried to tighten from the back and looked at the belt on the motor which are two of the issues that i have that could be the problem. The third is that it might need to be oiled. Now I don’t know if any of you are like this, but when I don’t know anything about something I get a little insecure. That makes me not doing anything else to the situation because I don’t want to screw anything up which really brings out my procrastination.. So long story short, no i haven’t started walking which means no, I haven’t lost the weight that I wanted to lose by the time my birthday came around.

I was thinking about what I was going to say on my nest post, and this thought came to me. The title of this blog is My Creative Dreams. That is true still, but I realized that with that different interests that I have and the things that I have talked about. The direction this blog is taking is going toward recording my lifestyle. My cousin and I have talked about doing a podcast. I have had a channel on YouTube for years, but never did anything with it. Mainly just watching videos that pertain to my different interests.

My husband surprised me the other day with a wood burning kit. I have also purchased some more tools to make wood signs. I think that this will be fun to do. Due to the pandemic, the classes that I wanted to take last year was closed. They are starting open up to the public again. Yeah!!! So excited to begin my learning experiences.

So until the next time everyone. I hope everyone can follow their dream and have a great time doing that. Thanks for reading!

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More pounds lost!!!

First of all, yay!!! Now that I got that out. I almost 10 lbs down. Now I know that isn’t that much, but I don’t care. It is something.

So that really is all that I have to say for today.

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Happy New Year

I weighed myself the other day, and I am down 8 lbs. Which means that I am under 300 lbs. Yay!!! The weight loss is slow going, but I am excited to see some progress. I have 5 months before my birthday so I am looking forward to 2021.

Along with losing weight, I am planning to learn a new hobby. Which one I am not sure yet.

So I hope as this post reaches people that everyone has had a good start to the new year.

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